Faculty Assembly President’s Report

March 11, 2005


Jenenne P. Nelson

            In fall 2003, the semester began with a faculty retreat. For me, the faculty retreat seemed to “kick start” the semester by bringing faculty together for sharing and learning. It was a great way to start the academic year. Again, we are planning a retreat for fall 2005 at the Julie Penrose Center on August 26th. Please mark your calendar now.  The retreat will follow a similar format as our prior retreat but we will be discussing an issue related to one of the Inventing the Future reports – the faculty workload. The retreat will offer us time to discuss what a faculty member’s workload should be in an entrepreneurial environment that continues to value teaching, research, and service in new and different ways. A few faculty have expressed concerns over the expanding workloads while others would like to see greater flexibility in workloads. We want to maintain academic rigor but allow for new and different ways to do our work. Having the necessary time to discuss this issue is extremely important to our future faculty role. The retreat will offer us time to discuss this important issue.  Also, as we build the agenda, please let me know if there are other topics that we should include.

            At the Faculty Assembly Executive Committee retreat in January, we discussed a surveying retired UCCS faculty to see if they wanted a voice in faculty governance. In early March, I sent a letter to all retired faculty (n=49) to query their interest in a voice in faculty governance. I also invited them to attend our March meeting. I have not received any surveys yet but I will update you next month on the results.

            Finally, the FA elections are upon us. President-elect Bob Durham is seeking candidates for the 2005-2006 Faculty Assembly Officers and College Representatives. I would encourage you to consider becoming involved. For shared governance to work, we need interested faculty to assure a strong faculty voice. Please consider becoming involved. 

News from Faculty Council (FC). 

            Academic freedom remains a concern for the Faculty Council (FC).  At the February FC meeting a resolution supporting academic freedom, and free speech was passed by the Faculty Council and forwarded to President Hoffman, members of the University of Colorado Board of Regents, and members of the media.  Also, the FC adopted a new Administrative Policy Statement (APS) on “Conflict of Interest in Cases of Amorous Relationships”, and it adopted a revised APS on “Restricted Proprietary and Classified Research”. An APS on the “Parental Leave for Faculty, Officers, and Exempt Professionals” was presented by the Women’s Committee (co-Chair Roxanne Byrne); however, the motion was tabled for further review after a vigorously discussion by the FC. If you have questions about the above policies, please let me know.