Faculty Assembly President?s Report

March 2006


Bob Durham



There will be a new freshman orientation model this year, with approximately 200 freshmen coming through orientation each day. Faculty are encouraged to take part in orientation, as our presence really impresses both students and their parents. (I?ve been involved in it for years and it?s a pretty rewarding experience.)


The non tenure track faculty task force had its first meeting last week and it appears to be headed in the right direction.


Reminder: it is time for Faculty Assembly elections. Talk with Tom Napierkowski if you have any ideas, nominations, suggestions or questions (I believe there are some openings for Faculty Council at the system level as well).


The deans? council is still working on a policy to implement and house undergraduate degree programs that involve more than one college. Graduate programs are easier because they are administered by the Graduate School.


As most of you know, level heads have let the tenure bill die in committee. Although the legisloators are waiting to see what comes out of our review process.


The May Faculty Assembly meeting will be the mandated open meeting and will include a report of the tenure review process and results.


Did you know that our library now has more than 21,000 full text electronic journals? I didn?t.


If you haven?t seen any of the Freedom?s Song presentations, you?re missing a truly wonderful experience. Dean Niel has produced an outstanding product.


The Faculty Assembly is contributing $200 to the Health Fair.


We have a table (ten seats) for the Cinco de Mayo banquet in the Lodge. I propose that we take all interested participants and put the names in the proverbial hat and draw the lucky winners.