Faculty Assembly President’s Report

December 2005 

Bob Durham 

First, let me apologize for the length of the external presentations at the last meeting. I will try not to allow that to happen in the future. We ended up getting virtually nothing accomplished.

 The review of the tenure process is proceeding and we, again, won’t hear anything until well into the spring semester. The presidential search is moving forward (as an aside, CU-System Council President Rod Muth apologized yesterday for his personal remarks regarding the search to the Board of Regents at their last meeting).

 The Boulder campus, as you may know, is addressing racism issues which are quite problematic. I think our student success people have done and are continuing to do an excellent job on our campus (as are all the stakeholder groups at UCCS.

The NTTF Task Force is taking shape (perhaps as early as the forthcoming meeting). David moon (Associate VCAA) and Tom Christensen (Dean – LAS) have agreed to serve as ex officio members from the administration and deans’ council respectively. The task force will be charged with producing a white paper on the status of NTTF and suggestions for policy changes/creation for the same. 

P & B, research, and teaching excellence committees have been asked to make their independent recommendations about a BSI program in February to the FA. 

I wish all of you  Happy Holidays and, probably more importantly, a happy and restful and relaxing winter break (I know I need one).