FMAC Meeting Minutes

Friday, Feb. 9, 2007


In attendance: Marguerite Cantu, Carmen Abeyta, Christina Jimenez, Maria Steen, Edgar Cota-Torres, Kimbra Smith, Kee Warner, Christina Martinez, Aditi Mitra, Betty Trout-Kelly, Dawn House (administrative assistant)


Minutes from January 19, 2007, meeting distributed and approved.


Agenda Items:


Kee Warner reported that the Building Inclusion Group committee (BIG) has met twice and is looking at strategies for developing diversity training. Carmen Abeyta, a member of the committee, explained that the BIG group is looking for ways to have training on campus, make it mandatory, but also enjoyable. Two of the options discussed were on-line training and holding in-person workshops. Carmen also stated that there has been discussion as to whether the training would be one-time only or yearly, and about the possibility of faculty/staff receiving credit for attending diversity functions. The BIG committee hopes to emphasize education instead of training. Kee also added that the final recommendation from the BIG committee will be folded into the Strategic Planning.


A FMAC sub-committee met with the Chancellor regarding the Executive Director for Academic Diversity and Social Equity (EDADSE) position vacated by Dr. Trout-Kelly. Christina Jimenez stated that the Chancellor was open to suggestions and that Andrea Herrera had presented a list of ideas to make the position more successful. The FMAC subcommittee recommended that the position be elevated to Vice Provost for Diversity, as it is on the other CU campuses, and that a search be deferred until next year pending the completion of the Diversity Strategic Plan which will better define responsibilities and expectations. The sub-committee also stressed that we should find someone not only with the right academic background, but also previous experience in diversity. The position calls for a person that is very adept at building relationships on our campus.  The subcommittee recommended that an interim person be kept in place next year to structure the position, Kee Warner has indicated that he would be willing to take this on for another year.  The Chancellor agreed with this approach, though the exact job title was not resolved.  She emphasized that having the right job title was not sufficient unless the colleges and other core units were integrally involved in carrying out diversity plans.  She suggested that a formal search to fill the position over the long term could wait until November or December. The committee will continue to receive updates as the work with the Chancellor on structuring the position continues.


Kee Warner, Christina Jimenez and Anthony Cordova met with the Chancellor to express the committee’s concern regarding the use of search waivers. The Chancellor acknowledged the concern of the FMAC and agreed that the administration needed to better communicate the process of those decisions. She also agreed that a written, transparent process is a good idea. She was concerned that search committee members, at times, feel pressured to accept an internal candidate and to not go against recommendations from upper level administration. FMAC members present expressed the need to include the EDADSE position in these processes. It was the understanding of the sub-committee who met with the Chancellor that this will happen. The Chancellor stated that there will be a national search for the position of compliance officer. It was also brought up that affirmative action needs to be included on the new HR website.


The committee had previously approved $1000 for 10 $100 grants for the White Privilege Conference (WPC). The grants are to be used to offset the $245 3-day registration fee. Christina Jimenez will send out an email for award requests, asking for 1-page proposals on their interest in attending, with a deadline to return to her by March 15th. Those proposals should include past involvement in diversity issues. It was also suggested that the grants be distributed between people who have previously been active and newcomers to diversity work. Newcomers should give examples of possible contributions to diversity.


A banner is to be made for FMAC by facilities, at a cost of $60. Ideas were requested for what to put on the banner. It was decided to use a colored background, the UCCS logo and FMAC, both the acronym and spelled out.


Christina Jimenez will follow up with Anthony Cordova regarding the placement of the Birmingham Poster Project in the new Student Minority Affairs office.


Input was requested by Christina Jimenez regarding the FMAC letter commending the Chancellor’s efforts on behalf of diversity. Suggestions were made to use specific instances of the Chancellor’s advocacy of diversity, the importance of issues that she reflects to the rest of the campus, her accessibility to FMAC and to students of color, her support of WPC and the DSP. It was also suggested that the letter state that there is still work to be done around diversity on campus, but that the Chancellor has shown a willingness to make advances.


Christina Jimenez introduced discussion of the summary done by Linda Watts concerning FCQ reports and the bias in student evaluations. Few studies address the race/gender issue; most studies concluded that there is a same gender preference. It was stressed that there needs to be anawareness that there are biases in faculty ratings, particularly as they are applied to merit reviews. Many ideas were discussed, including presenting the information to the teaching committee of the Faculty Assembly, presenting the information to the Dean’s Advisory Board, or to the Chairs and Directors Meetings. It was decided that Christina Jimenez will contact the chair of the Teaching Committee and request that they think of ways to get the information to the people who need to know. She will request a response and will also provide the request to the Provost (VCAA) office.





Josephine Lobato will be coming in March. Her presentation was partially sponsored by FMAC. It has been approved for the mural to be moved later in the semester and placed outside the UC.

The Black Student Union is sponsoring a talk by Dr. Larry Bryant.


New Business:


Christina Jimenez presented a proposal on behalf of Glen Whitehead, to help sponsor an on campus concert by jazz musicians Ralph Alessi and Ravi Coltrane. The event will take place and be filmed in the UCCS television studio on March 14th at 7 pm. It will be open to students and to faculty. VAPA has confirmed a $500 contribution and FMAC is being asked to contribute $500. The request was approved.


Other events and expenses that the FMAC may want to support will be on the next agenda.


Kee Warner provided a statement which was drafted for the Campus Strategic Plan (CSP). It was discussed as to how to include diversity in the CSP and provide a clear link to the DSP. Should diversity be integrated throughout or be a separate goal? Are both possible? Kee suggested that it needs to go to the DSP and to FMAC for further input. He will update the committee as to the progress.


The next FMAC meeting will be held on Friday, March 9th 10:30 – noon.