FMAC Meeting Minutes

January 19, 2007


In attendance: Kee Warner, Maria Steen, Carmen Abeyta, Christina Jimenez, Fernando Feliu-Moggi, Kimbra Smith, Nashla Dawahre, Nina Gomez, Edgar Cota-Torres, Andrea Herrera, Dawn House (Administrative Asst.)


Minutes from Nov. 16, 2006, meeting distributed and approved.


Agenda Items:


Kee Warner provided a follow up on the mandatory diversity training, which was one of the recommendations from the Blue Ribbon Commission report. In line with our committee recommendation in the early part of the year, a group focusing on ?building inclusiveness? has been formed on invitation of the Chancellor. This group consists of faculty and staff from across the campus. They will be looking at what is in place now and ways to improve on the existing training. This will include examining other models at other institutions, which may be included or expanded upon. The first meeting is to be held on January 19th. The resulting recommendations are to be incorporated into the Diversity Strategic Plan (DSP).


Christina Jimenez informed the committee that there is currently $28,000 available to diversify search pools and/or increase candidates brought to campus. The Dean of LAS submitted a proposal, requesting start-up funds to help recruit two diverse faculty members that have been offered tenure-track positions in the Psychology department. As co-chairs of FMAC, Christina and Kee recommended the approval of these requests. Christina voiced our concern about depleting the fund completely without any institutionalized funding established to interim VCAA Peg Bacon. Christina recommended to the VCAA that this fund become an institutionalized budget item, with funds available at the beginning of each AY, citing results that past funding has produced and the importance of keeping the funding in place.


A letter to the Chancellor has been drafted, expressing the concern of the FMAC regarding policies for filling positions without searches. A meeting has been requested to discuss this issue.


An update on the Provost (formerly VCAA) search was given by Kee Warner. The change from VCAA to Provost was done to create better integration of Academic Affairs and Student Success, as well as the physical development of the campus. The Chancellor stressed the importance of including diversity in the review process of applicants. Phone interviews are being conducted and off campus interviews will be scheduled in mid-February. The top three finalists will then be announced and on campus interviews scheduled.


The Diversity Strategic Plan (DSP) Recommendations were distributed. Kee Warner gave a brief overview of how the recommendation document was constructed during the Fall semester, with the three groups drafting goals in the respective categories. During the winter break, the strategic recommendations document was sent to faculty, staff, student government, and various community leaders associated with diversity issues, requesting feedback. It was suggested that ?diverse? and ?diversity? be clearly defined in the document. Kee stated that the DSP committee will work on a Preamble to attach to the final Plan, with the idea of diversity as referenced in the document; which is to reflect cultural, non-traditional, minority diversity and address University, State and National goals. One issue raised in committee discussion was the importance of the language and its possible interpretation. The main concern voiced by FMAC members was to find the balance between too broad and too restrictive in the language of the recommendation document. This issue will be looked at and addressed before the final draft.


The Chancellor?s Forum main agenda item is the DSP. The Faculty Assembly has referred the draft to FMAC for our recommendation. The committee voted to endorse the draft of DSP Strategic Recommendations and Goals and to request the endorsement of the Faculty Representative Assembly. Christina Jimenez will draft a memo to the President of the Faculty Assembly and circulate it among the active FMAC members, conveying out support for the DSP Strategic Recommendations and Goals and requesting endorsement from the Faculty Representative Assembly.



New Business:


Christina Jimenez requested approval from the committee for the following:

  1. That FMAC allocate $1000 to become a Silver Level sponsor of the White Privilege Conference (WPC). This will include 2 registrations for the conference.
  2. That FMAC allocate $1000 to make available ten (10) $100 grants for faculty to use towards registration fees for the WPC.

Both items were approved by the committee. It was also suggested that the Faculty Assembly be asked to endorse participation in the WPC and/or provide monetary support.


Christina will also look into the costs of having a banner made for the conference, and the costs to frame and display the Birmingham Poster Project.


The next FMAC meeting will be held on Friday, February 9th 10:30-noon in COH 3022.