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Faculty Assembly

Communication Tools  
Discussion Forum  (threaded online text conversation)
Discussion Management  (accessing and scheduling)
File Exchange  (upload/share files with instructors/students)
Drop Box  (categorizable assignment turn-in; date/time stamp)
Internal Email  (read/send inside an online course)
External Email  (read/send outside an online course)
Online Journal/Blog  (personal and private journals; with RSS)
Wiki  (collaborative authoring of web pages)
Real-time Chat  (instant text messaging)
Audio Chat  (full-duplex)
Whiteboard  (electronic version of dry-erase board)
Audio Recording/Posting  (ability to record and upload sound)
Announcements/News  (post news with RSS support)
Application Sharing  (students see instructor's application in real time)
Group Browsing  (students see instructor's browsing)
Productivity Tools  
Bookmarks  (allow easy return to pages within course)
Calendar/Progress Review  (enable students to document their plans)
Searching Within Course  (find course material based on key words)
Work Offline/Synchronize  (work offline, synchronize at next log-in)
Orientation/Help  (learn how to use the CMS)
Student Involvement Tools  
Groupwork  (organize class into groups, provide group work space)
Community Networking  (students create groups w/o instructor intervention)
Student Portfolios  (areas where students can showcase their work)
Administration Tools  
Authentication  (access by user name and password; LDAP/Kerberos)
Course Authorization  (assign access privileges based on user roles)
Registration Integration  (tools to add and drop students; self-registration)
Interface with PeopleSoft  (roster in; grades out)
Course Delivery Tools  
Test Types  
- Multiple choice  
- Multiple answer  
- Matching  
- Calculated  
- Fill-in the blank  
- Short answer  
- Survey questions  
- Essay  
- Questions w/ other media  (images, videos, audio)
Automated Testing Management  (control of when/where/conditions)
Secure Testing Windows  (don't allow copy/paste/print/IM, etc.)
Automated Testing Support  (import/export test banks; analysis of results)
Testing Standards Compatibility (XHTML, IMS, QTI, HotPotatoes)
Online Marking Tools  (evaluate and mark student work online)
Online Gradebook  (includes grade weighting, dropping)
Upload gradebook files  (tab, comma delimited; Excel)
Course Management  (control the progression of an online class)
Student Tracking  (track the usage of course materials by students)
Content Development Tools  
Accessibility Compliance  (meet standards for people with disabilities)
Content Sharing/Reuse  (share content across courses/sections; "meta courses")
Course Templates  (help create the initial structure for a course)
Glossary  (tools for building a course glossary)
Language and Symbol Support (equations/accents/international phonetic alphabet/special symbols)
Interface Language Switching  (change the language of the user interface)
Customized Look and Feel  (change how a course looks; institutional branding)
Instructional Design Tools  (e.g., lesson templates or wizards)
Instructional Standards Compliance  (SCORM/IMS e-learning standards)
Seamless Conversion From Current CMS Courses