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Faculty Assembly

Campus Sustainability Goal




Integrate sustainability in all aspects of the university including leadership, education and operations.




         Leadership Model leadership in sustainability through integrating social, economic and ecological values into institutional policies, programs and practices; campus community embraces culture of sustainability and greater community sees UCCS as a sustainability leader.


         Add sustainability to the list of campus core values

         Obtain UCCS Leadership endorsement on drafted sustainability policy statement 

         Leadership Team communicates a commitment to making UCCS a sustainable campus in all aspects 

         Institute Sustainability Advisory Committee of faculty, staff and students, to ensure progress of Sustainability Action Plan and to serve as advisory board to leadership

         Ensure viability of Sustainability Office through administrative support and provision of appropriate budget

         Develop communication plan to consistently disseminate sustainability information and initiatives to the entire campus (e.g. newsletter, website)     

         Examine feasibility of establishing revolving conservation/sustainability fund (sustained through savings)

         Include sustainability initiatives as category for university grant and gift seeking efforts

         Establish connections sand partnership so that The Colorado Springs community and beyond sees UCCS as a sustainability leader


         Education Develop and strengthen sustainability education throughout the UCCS learning environment to inform, engage, and activate on- and off-campus communities.




         Increase percentage of students with baseline awareness of sustainability.

         Include sustainability in LAS General Education Requirements

         Implement measurement of sustainability within the UCCS General Education Core Goal #4 regarding global participation and responsibility

         Strengthen the quality of the minor in Sustainable Development.

         Increase involvement of faculty, staff, and students in sustainability initiatives on and off campus.

         Develop linkages with and provide consulting to the community on sustainability.

         Record current and increase new research on sustainability

         Increase visibility of the UCCS focus on sustainability (related to public relations and marketing).

         Promote healthy lifestyles and behaviors to the campus community by

       increasing percentage of people who participate in preventive health

       services and conducting campaigns that promote sustainable lifestyles


         Operations Make campus a living laboratory where the physical infrastructure as well as operating processes exemplify sustainable practices and serve as teaching tools for the entire campus community.


         Increase visibility of all sustainable campus operations initiatives.

         Energy - reduce our contribution of greenhouse gasses by reducing energy use and increasing the use of renewable energy.

         Transportation - Create a pedestrian oriented campus that provides alternative transportation options and reduces the overall greenhouse gas emissions from university transportation.

         Water - Institute water conservation practices and planning throughout the campus to reduce both domestic and outdoor water use, decrease utility costs, and provide a model of effective storm water management.

         Waste - Significantly decrease waste going to landfill from UCCS through comprehensive recycling program.

         Infrastructure Commit to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED Silver or equivalent) to exemplify best practices with regard to use of sustainable building materials, energy and water conservation, and landscape design.

         Paper consumption - reduce overall paper consumption on the campus.

         Health and Safety - Ensure a safe and healthy environmental for campus community through indoor air quality, minimization of hazardous waste, and limiting exposure to toxic chemicals and pesticides.            

         Food - provide high quality nourishment that is healthfully prepared, features organic and locally produced food, serves to educate the campus community about sustainable food choices, and produces minimal waste.

         Budgeting Include sustainability framework based on Life Cycle Cost accounting in budgeting for operations projects

         Measurement Create mechanism for measuring resource use and ecological impact as well as savings from conservation projects.