Campus Sustainability Committee

Report to UCCS Faculty Assembly, March 9, 2007




The Committee expresses its deep appreciation for the leadership of our Chancellor in signing the American University and College Presidents Climate Commitment at the Rocky Mountain Sustainability Summit:
Forging Solutions at Colleges and Universities at CU Boulder

A number of members of the Committee as well as a contingent of students from SEAS attended this event.


SUSTAINABILITY GOAL FOR CAMPUS STRATEGIC PLAN. For the past two months, members of the Committee have participated on committees (Operations, Leadership, Education) for the development of a strategic plan to submit to the Chancellor for the new campus strategic plan which she will submit to the Regents this summer.


SUSTAINABILITY WEBSITE.  Committee members reviewed the draft sustainability website which will be launched soon.  The designers have done an excellent job; it includes all aspects of sustainability efforts on campus.


SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT MINOR.  A number of new courses have been added to the Sustainable Development Minor and the number of students declaring their intention to seek the minor continues to grow.


LEED CERTIFICATION.  Building projects are progressing and should meet LEED certification.  Facilities hopes to put up signs about the large amount of material being recycled during the building process; something the public does  not normally recognize.


EARTH DAY.  The student group, SEAS (Students for Environmental Awareness and Sustainability) will have an Earth Day celebration on the upper plaza of the Student Center on April 26th from 11:30-2:00.  They hope to make this a green event with zero waste.



Respectfully submitted,

Judith Rice-Jones





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Think into the future.


Live within limits.


Plan for future generations.


Be responsible for the world we live in.


Create a world that works for everyone.



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