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Faculty Assembly

Personnel and Benefits Meeting Minutes

January 20, 2006

 Attended:  Mike Kisley, Ceil Malek, Christine Hubbell, Tom Zwirlein

 Jenenne Nelson attended the meeting to discuss the Base Salary Incentive (BSI) plan that is circulating the faculty assembly committees.  The plan was previously sent out to all members of the committee. 

 Jenenne provided the committee with some background and has asked that the Personnel and Benefits Committee provide feedback regarding the proposed BSI.  Tom will collect this feedback, summarize it and bring it to the next meeting.  She is looking for some of the pros and cons of the proposed plan.

 Some BSI background, requests, issues:

 1.  The BSI is typically a health sciences model.  Health science faculty often have clinical practices which derive income.

2.  What is the status of the 1/6 rule, will faculty give up the 1/6 rule to join a BSI program, how many other universities have a 1/6 rule?  (Rosemary Augustine indicated to me later in the day that many universities have a 1/6 rule).

3.  A BSI type plan is typically not used in the traditional university.

4.  The current proposal is for tenured faculty only.   A question was raised regarding non-tenure track faculty.  Why can’t they participate?

5.  The BSI is an elective decision.  You do not have to participate.

6.  How will faculty who don’t participate be protected?

7.  Will there be a culture separation?  Those who participate in the BSI and those who do not.

8.  How does BSI work relative to the Conflict of Interest Committee?  This may be related issue that has to be worked out.

9.  The evaluation of faculty may have to change. 

10.  Will the BSI be too bureaucratic?

11.  There should be more research into the BSI.  What are the implications?

 The committee members are responsible for reading the BSI and getting feedback back to Tom by the next meeting.

 Judith Rice-Jones briefly discussed that the system-wide P&B committee is looking at a wellness program for the campuses.  Wellness programs cut health care costs and can lead to reductions in the cost of the health care benefit.

 The next meeting is scheduled for Friday, February 3, 2006 at 1:00 PM