Personnel and Benefits Meeting

December 6, 2006


1.  The committee put the discussion of non-monetary faculty benefits and a new web page to advertise these benefits on hold because of the passage of Amendment 41: Ethics in Government.  The committee will wait until a legal interpretation of this amendment comes out.

In the meantime, we encourage faculty to go to:

This web site provides information on state employee discounts from a variety of vendors.


2.  We are still seeking health care utilization for the campus.  Tom will call Mark Stanker or Mark Gelband at PBS to see what is available.  We want to examine utilization so that we can develop a wellness program that targets areas of need match with high utilization.


3.  The committee discussed the activities of the special compensation committee that is meeting this semester.  The P&B committee supports most of what this committee is doing and agrees with most preliminary recommendations coming from the committee.  The P&B committee agrees with the compensation committee that the Delaware data does not properly assess productivity of the faculty and should be modified.


4.  David Moon will be invited to our next meeting to discuss summer salaries.  The basic models are:

            1.  Flat salary for teaching a summer course.

            2.  Flat salary plus an annual increase.

            3.  Summer salary paid as a proportion of a 9 month salary.

The committee is concerned that a summer salary that is a portion of 9 month salary may lead to a reduction in summer courses.  This in turn would lead to a reduction in the money available to pay summer salaries.


5.  Tom checked with Jackie Crouch about the possibility of doing an administrator evaluation on e-College.  There is a nominal fee for using this service. 


6.  The committee discussed a possible motion to limit the involvement of faculty in meetings the week of and the week before finals.  This will be discussed in a future meeting.


7.  The next meeting is scheduled for January 22, 2007 from 9:00-10:30 in EPC 304c.