Personnel and Benefits Meeting

October 3, 2006


In attendance:  Tom Zwirlein, Mary Ann Kluge, Pam Carter, Mike Kisley, Juidth-Rice Jones


Tentative meeting schedule:  First Monday of the month from 10:45 to 12:00.


The committee needs a representative from the School of Education.


The committee discussed an agenda for the year.  Items include:


  1. Get a wellness program going on campus.
  2. Look into the non-pecuniary benefits for retired faculty.  What are they.  What is available.
    1. Develop an academic policy statement on retirement options and have the faculty handbook updated to describe the options.
  3. Have the benefits office develop a web site of the available benefits for faculty.
  4. Get updated information on utilization by UCCS faculty of the health care benefit.  This utilization data should be used to monitor benefit usage and determine where intervention is necessary.
  5. Is it time to evaluate administrators?  Should the P&B committee work on a new instrument?  Who should be evaluated?  When?
  6. Work with the newly formed compensation committee to help develop models, need for data, and recommend possible solutions to the uncompensated merit issue.
    1. Clarify what role the Delaware data plays in uncompensated merit.
    2. Determine the need for data.  At a minimum find data on salary increases by state for the U.S.
    3. Compare administrator raises over the past five years to UCCS faculty.
    4. Get a report on uncompensated merit from last year.
    5. Help determine new sources of revenue.  How much revenue do we generate from renting space for towers on the bluff?  Where does this revenue go?  Are there better uses?
    6. What impact will the bonding of Science/Engineering have on the overall budget?  How does the cash flow to pay off this bond issue compete with faculty salary?
    7.  Stick with recommended starting salaries for NTTF.



Next Meeting, November 6, 10:45 to noon.