FMAC Meeting Minutes

Thursday, Nov. 16, 2006


In attendance: Kee Warner, Eddie Portillos, Betty Trout-Kelly, Christina Martinez, Radha Pyati, Anthony Cordova, Marguerite Cantu, Andrea Herrera, Maria Steen, Carmen Abeyta, Christina Jimenez, Dawn House (Administrative Asst.)


Minutes from Oct. 20, 2006, meeting distributed and approved.





Day of the Dead was very successful. It has been suggested that the alter be transferred to the library for display after next year’s event. Flyers for the guest speaker Cahuilla Margaret Red Elk, part of the Native American Heritage Month, were distributed.


Agenda Items:


Betty Trout-Kelly announced that the Psychology department will have candidates interviewing on campus. She will send out a notification as to the date and hopes to set up a meeting with the candidates and several committee members. She has met with several committees regarding search training for faculty and staff searches, but has not been contacted regarding executive administration searches. It was also suggested that the funds awarded for the Policy to Promote Faculty Diversity be used towards negotiated offers, as well as bringing candidates to campus.


Christina Jimenez will be sending out via email the letter drafted regarding Chancellor Shockley-Zalabak’s efforts on behalf of diversity.


Anthony Cordova provided an update on the Student Multicultural Affairs office move to the University Center. Painting is to be completed over the Thanksgiving break and the new office is anticipated to be opened in December.


The Diversity Strategic Planning is now in Round 4. Kee Warner said that once the working groups complete this step they will adjoin together. They hope to bring in new participants at this point. A draft will be provided to FMAC for review when ready.


It is anticipated that the Chancellor will be establishing the Diversity Training Committee soon. The committee will include Mark Hoffman, FMAC members, and others from across campus. Andrea Herrera stated that she is already gathering material from external sources for review and input.


The final draft of the proposal “Building Inclusiveness at UCCS” was distributed to the committee. Other proposals to be submitted include Eddie Portillos’ proposal on police practices research, which will research attitudes toward police and the complaint process. The goal is to help prepare for the growth of the campus; Christina Martinez also stated that the library will be submitting a proposal to help support bringing speakers to UCCS.


The Fall reception held on November 2nd was well received. Kimbra Smith was commended for her efforts at organizing the event.


Discussion of the FCQ report was moved to the next meeting. It will be emailed to the committee for review. It was suggested that the final report be sent to the Faculty Assembly and/or the Teaching committee. It was also discussed to speak with the Teaching and Learning Center regarding other assessment tools to supplement FCQ’s.


A draft of the letter concerning campus searches was provided to the committee, requesting feedback before sending it to the Chancellor. It was suggested that two meetings be requested; one concerning internal searches versus national searches for executive positions, and one concerning the EDAD position and its structure. It was suggested that the Chancellor provide the procedure for deciding the type of search (internal or national) and how diversity issues are addressed and make the policy more transparent. An invitation to the committee will be sent out when the meeting is arranged.


Andrea Herrera informed the committee that feedback regarding establishing the Ethnic Studies/Women’s Studies major has been good. The last formal presentation will take place at the LAS Fall Faculty meeting, with the electronic vote taking place after the Thanksgiving break. Most challenges presented are financial, not based on curriculum. Final word from the Regents would be in late April.


Kee Warner updated the committee concerning the issue of diversity problems within student government. Meetings have taken place between the Dean of Students and student government representatives. Jim Henderson has also been involved in this issue. His office is to provide training for student government representatives. Orientation will also be provided to club leaders, Scribe employees and advisors. Funding of activities seems to be the largest issue of contention. Upon discussion, the committee decided to wait to see the results of the scheduled meetings.


The Chancellor would like input from FMAC regarding how the EDAD position should be structured. A sub-committee of Andrea Herrera, Kee Warner, Radha Pyati, Marguerite Cantu, Christina Jimenez, and Maria Steen will meet to put together ideas concerning responsibilities, authority, chain of command, and to prioritize the job description.


The next FMAC meeting will be held on Friday, January 19th.