Faculty Assembly President’s Report

December 2006

Tom Napierkowski





1. NCA Visit

The Exit Interview with the NCA visitation team suggests that the final North Central Accreditation Report will be an unqualified success for our campus. The efforts of the entire campus community—administration, faculty, students, and staff—were a model of cooperation. Congratulations to all involved, especially to David Moon who was charged with putting together the UCCS Self-Study and with coordinating the campus visit.


2. Friday, January 26, UCCS Faculty Retreat        

Once again I ask all faculty to set aside Friday, January 26, from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., for a UCCS Faculty Retreat sponsored by Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Peg Bacon and the Faculty Assembly. This retreat, which will be held in the Lodge, will address “Evolving Faculty Roles and Responsibilities.” In light of new models of funding for universities across the country, adjustments in faculty roles seem inevitable. If faculty members do not take the lead in exploring the possibilities, adjustments may be imposed on us without faculty consultation. The retreat will also provide an opportunity for faculty to review changes in Academic Policy Statements governing the tenure and post-tenure review processes.


3. UCCS Academic Strategic Plan

As you may have already noted, there is a motion on the agenda for this Friday’s meeting of the UCCS Representative Assembly to approve the current draft of the UCCS Academic Strategic Plan. Faculty participation in the drafting process is extremely important. I urge all faculty to take advantage of every opportunity to become involved in the process. I especially ask all representatives to the Assembly to be present and to be prepared to discuss the draft.


4. Search for the UCCS Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

As the search for the UCCS Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs begins in earnest, I remind faculty to bring nominations to the Search Committee (contact Co-Chair Dean Leslie Manning or Co-Chair Dean Tom Christensen). Nominating and soliciting the applications of strong candidates is the first step in a successful search for an administrator who will play a large part in shaping the future of this campus and in directing faculty activities.